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scope of services

  1. PC tune up and optimization for better performance

  2. Installation/un-installation/updating of software-drivers, antivirus, any other utility software

  3. Removal of threats/unwanted programs/virus

  4. Support for connected devices-printer,router,smartphone etc.

  5. Network configuration and setup – setting up network, wireless router & printer

  6. Configure & Setting up email clients-smartphones, windows & mac

  7. Browser optimization-cookies clean up, resetting , removing extensions, etc

  8. Data transfer – from smartphone, digital camera, external storage devices

PC/Laptop Support:

  1. Tune up and optimization to make PC run faster

  2. Virus and threats removal

  3. Software and driver installation and update

  4. Configuration of email clients

  5. Registry optimization and error removal

  6. System start up problem

  7. Blue screen error removal

  8. System restore

Printer / Router Support:

  1. Configuration and setup

  2. Software and driver installation

  3. Setting up wireless network

  4. Setting up device with wireless network

Smartphone/Tablet Support:

  1. Setting up email

  2. Syncing data

  3. Data transfer on other devices

Digital Camera, MP3 Player, External Hard Drive Support:

  1. Software installation and update

  2. Data transfer to other device

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