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System Administration Services

TechDrive caters on-demand and on-call services for System administration. The remote-hand system administration facilities offered by TechDrive include services like designing, operating, upgrading, installation, and troubleshooting for supported servers and clients.

Services under System Administration:

   › Identifying system logs for computer networks

   › Adding and analysing new techniques to the Server and Data Centre

   › Resetting and protecting passwords for user accounts

   › Adding and removing information into existing or new user accounts

   › Installation of software and hardware application into computer

   › Designing system security plans

   › Troubleshooting all the problems those are reported

   › Keep a check on performance tuning of the computer

   › Understanding the network infrastructure and associated requirements

   › Addition and deletion of file systems on the network and computer

   › Creation of tested backup plans

   › Configuration documentation for computer

   › Creating, analysing, and managing disaster recovery plans

   › Monitoring computer time to time according to requirements

   › Defining critical hosts and associated severs

TechDrive Support for System Administration

Techdrive offers 24/7 on-call and on-demand system administration services on a remote basis. Our plans include troubleshooting, upgrading, and installation services on all supported server-side environments.

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