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Virus and Malware Removal

Virus, malware, Spyware are all too common threats faced by most computer users today. They infiltrate most systems through emails, email attachments, file sharing,downloaded programs, third party programs on social networking sites, pirated software and hackers.

Common problems of system compromised by virus or malware:

   › Computer runs slow even after Pc optimization is done

   › Slow start up of applications in the computer

   › Multiple windows open up, the moment internet is connected

   › Frequent pop-ups and spam

   › Random and continuous error messages

   › Inability to open previously saved files

   › Sudden and unexpected changes in the settings and/or behavior of the PC

   › Unwanted files appearing even after their deletion


TechDrive Technical support for Virus and Malware removal

Techdrive certified technical experts will help install suitable antivirus software where none is present. Or, if an antivirus is already installed, will scan and fix the problem infecting the system.

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